Catfish Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “This is a wonderful strain, that won 1st place in the 2014 Clio High times cannabis cup, sponsored by Arborside compassion, grown by Midnight Roots. ( It is great for nausea, and loss of appetite, seriously.. it makes you hungry after you smoke it. Wonderful for muscle spasms and mild pain also, but still gives you a creative, euphoric feeling. The "true" CATFISH is a clone-only, an...”

  • “IMO, the perfect sativa. Energetic without the anxiety that can come with sativa strains. Euphoric as hell for a sativa, with a very pungent sour fuel flavor that leaves my mouth watering. Yum yum yum.”

  • “Best high I've ever had. Makes me insanely motivated to do things like homework and work around the house.”

  • “Go Arborside!!!! Congrats to Rorey G.”

  • “Great Sativa! Found this lovely flower at Mindright.”

  • “The taste is bold, but the feeling of this strain is relaxing. Try this out, and feel buzzy and happy for a loooonnnng time.”

  • “This is me and my girlfriends favorite strain . We already love Sativa strains but this one right here.......this shit right here ! This is the Omega Triple OG's of the Sativa strains. It's definitely an uplifting high by far... I can smoke this right before work ,shit maybe even during work and still function . It has very chemical, earthy, grounded up types of tastes and smoothness. I need this strain for life.”