Chocolate Fondue Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “This herb is bomb. Hits pretty fast with a very electric, euphoric, uplifting and soaring head buzz. Like the description says, the high is very trance-like and blissful in its own unique way. The taste was different, nothing like I've tasted before in a herb. It did have unmistakable undertones of sweet coffee and chocolate. The body high that accompanies is both relaxing and high function able. In all, the combinat...”

  • “I have been waiting and waiting for my Licenced Producer (Tweed) to have my all time favourite strain Chocolope in stock. I have been sadly disappointed for over a year now.......BUT they had grown and were selling two phenotypes of Chocolate Fondue instead. Given that the descriptions of the two strains are very much alike I thought I would buy 10 grams. Glad I did since they were sold out in a matter of a few hours...”

  • “Bought an 8th from point loma collective tested at 29 plus thc. smells and taste delicios. Two good hits get you high. Last long medicated effects. Smoke this strain all day gets you going to do errands with no coming back for more”

  • “Pretty cool cheese smell ! The flower after its ground tends to ... stick together, but not like you would expect its like spider silk stuck together. It burns pretty evenly. Bong Hit : for me it was a bit rough to milk. The flavor is interesting wasn't expecting it. It was harsh but not the worst by far. Although it does feel like it expands in my lungs which was new.”

  • “It's a very relaxing and stimulating weed. Worth the money, hands down top 10 best strains I've smoked.”

  • “Vapourized in the pax 2; Smells cheesey and subtle tastes of chocolate on the exhale. Shared with brother-in law and he was overwhelmed with the taste. Good for conversation, getting deep into creative work - not recommended if you want to lounge around watching movies. One of my favourite sativas so far!”

  • “taste awesome”

  • “First time I had it I got a bit paranoid, then the rest of the time I was just happy, uplifted, and really talkative. Second time I may have had a bit too much but I got extremely paranoid and anxious for about a half hour, to the point where it negatively impacted the experience as a whole. After that, I was extremely talkative and happy again, but if you're prone to anxiety I would take it easy with this strain.”