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Chocolate Thai Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This review is about the legendary Chocolate Thai sticks from the 1977 to 1980 era. I obtained the genuine Thai sticks several times during this time period. At the time, three large thai sticks cost about $75, Each thai stick had about 3.5 grams of sensi flower bud with the chocolate flower tops tied to a small bamboo stick. The potency had to be 20+ % THC. Potency was outstanding and impressive. You simply could no...”

  • “If you're smoking something even slightly green and pretty, its not Chocolate Thai. Not by a long shot. Chocolate thai looks terrible, it's got sparse, runny buds the color of dead oak leaves pretty much. And by all appearances, it might actually be extinct at this point. Which is a shame because.. well.. if you have never actually smoked it, you can't possibly understand the depths of my frustration regarding i...”

  • “I'm used to really heavy head or body highs. However, this strain had a very functional high. Its a light uplifting high. I found best results but smoking as a blunt or out of a bog. No harshness. Smells like dark chocolate. Leafy and very slightly sticky. Great for during the day use.”

  • “Chocolate Thai! One of the most legendary landrace strains there is to date next to original thai. Absolutely one of the best treats cannasours look for. Exotic structures and even seedfinder has thousands of origin stories that relate back to it's first baby days.. Now into this bud. Bud structure: Super compact lots of foxtails all around this green bud. Dank Clusters looking down birds eye view, has a star shape i...”

  • “For myself, I find comfort with indica dominant strains. I medicare regularly for chronic back pain, PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, neuropathy, and cervical/lumbar disc generic / spinal stenosis. I came across a strain my pharmacist labeled Chocolate Thai. I was not sure how this strain would mesh with me. Sativa is not conducive for me, I will admit t hat amazing head high will hit me in a horrific st...”

  • “@floralExp we value a heavy head or body highs. However, this flower has very functional highs associated with this strain. It's a light uplifting high. This varietal serves you up a spicy, fiery smoke with smells of dark chocolate tucked away. A lightning-fast, intensely vibrant high that takes off and lands straight up like the Space Needle. We found best results smoking as a blunt or out of a bog. No harshness to ...”

  • “Nice chilled high. A motivating high.”

  • “A really tasty bud. Very relaxing high but quite mentally stimulating. A unique look that is very white in color.”