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Chocolate Thunder Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Beautiful sativa, even has a slight chocolatey aroma! Instantly rushes to the head for a clear, focused, cerebral high. Buds are nice and evenly sized, pale blue-green, and a generous dusting of dark red hairs. Great bag appeal! It's a cross of Chocolope and Thunderf*ck. A little bit harsh on the throat, but overall a very lovely sativa, great for day-time use.”

  • “As a first time smoker, this was an outstanding introduction to the world of cannabis for medicinal use. It gave me a burst of energy that lingered long after the session. All body aches were gone. Great for daytime use, as you are very much alert and aware. Definitely wanna keep water on hand.”

  • “-amazing buzz in the head - alert, creative, active - giggles -enhanced senses, especially taste”

  • “starts with a subtle sweetness • follows into a dough like flavor • exhales into a fruity plume • ✌🏻”

  • “Shit is boolin, like a soothing addy pill. Can concentrate and work without stressing”

  • “This was a decent, strong sativa with an odd taste--a bit like tacos, according to the guy at the dispensary, which I can corroborate after some experience smoking it. Gave a fun head high, but made me sleepy in a way I don't usually enjoy unless I'm ready for bed. Overall, I'd recommend this as a good weed for reading or hanging/doing something with friends. Would recommend using some kind of flavouring so that the...”

  • “This particular strain was one I would (not) highly recommend. It's alright as far as saying it bein a classic lightweight sativa. Not highly potent though, Yet it does give you a sense of concentration sense of competition and while performing whatever task .”