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What is Cirrus?

Cirrus by Oregon Cannabis Authority is a high-potency Candyland phenotype. This heady sativa-dominant strain has been known to achieve a THC percentage north of 26% and emits ripe, fuel-like overtones underpinned by musky earth. Cirrus’s buds are decorated in golden hairs and glittering trichomes, exhibiting hints of purple that speak to the strain’s Granddaddy Purple lineage. Anticipate a relaxed body buzz that helps center and focus the mind while reducing pain and gently enhancing mood. Its clear-headed buzz and kind physical effects make it an ideal companion throughout the day in the right dosage.   

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Dry Mouth

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Cirrus Flavors

  • 1. Diesel
  • 2. Menthol
  • 3. Grape

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“This is seriously dank. It has such a deep greenish blue color. The plant has a super strong smell. I got so ripped that I could not leave the couch but I felt so relaxed and care free. This is also organic which is super cool!”

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“A must try for anyone in Oregon!!! What a soothing, positively euphoric effect. Its basically an extra gassy premo cut of candyland, but well deserving of its own name. Any girlscout cookie fans out there--give this one a try!!!”