Cirrus Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is seriously dank. It has such a deep greenish blue color. The plant has a super strong smell. I got so ripped that I could not leave the couch but I felt so relaxed and care free. This is also organic which is super cool!”

  • “This Pheno emphasizes the Platinum Girlscout genetics of the plant, improving upon the already delicious Candyland strain. For fans of "Gas" weed, Cirrus gives you a hard and clear OG Kush type of punch to the cerebrum upon inhale, and a dreamy exhale of sweet purple tasting smoke. High is strong and functional. Flowers will be glittering with trichomes, revealing a spectrum of purple and green pastels. 10/10...”

  • “This weed is superb and I believe wAy higher in THC than it's labeled. It delievers a STRONG solid high... no need to smoke more than a couple puffs at once. It's a great flower for hanging out with friends.. just don't smoke TOO much or you'll be on your ass. I'm a sativa lover... this is kinda like a indica FYI 😊”

  • “My brother recently brought some home (to Chicago) from a recent trip to Eugene, OR. I must say, this is among the best I have ever had. Taste is very fuel forward with a somewhat sweet almost minty aftertaste. The high is very strong but very pleasant. It made me very giddy and talkative and lifted my mood considerably. Made my eyes feel as if they were the size of grapefruits and like there was a fuzzy aura su...”

  • “Excellent 10/10 super loud gas strain right here. This pheno emphasizes the Platinum GSC genetics nicely with a hard fuely OG kush type of punch to the cerebrum upon inhale, with a dreamy, candy-breathed exhale. Look for this strain on the top shelf!”