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Citrus Punch Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This was a super fun thing to do! Is chill makes you smile and think positive about alot of things its pretty fun. Its literally like a having a break from peoples bullshit so its good asf”

  • “The smell certainly lives up to the name, but the high was nothing to write home about. Lemon/citrus-scented buds generally do not agree with me, and this was no exception. A true Sativa head high with mind-racing, heart-pounding effects that left me drained on the comedown. Definitely not the worst Sativa I've ever smoked, but I wouldn't buy it again. I'd wager that Citrus Punch is rich in limonene based on th...”

  • “CP woke me up an energized me, very impressed by the mental state it put me in considering my mind kept looking for more things to explore.”

  • “This was a very fun thing to do! Is makes you waaaay happy and very relaxed and everything just feels so good. You think about everything positively and throws out the negativity away which is nice. Is literally like having a break of people's bullshit. Is litt trust”

  • “definitely a better sativa for work purposes and a good focus level. relieves tense head strains and makes work a lot easier”

  • “Not exactly the most "focused" high you'll get”

  • “Great flavor and smells absolutely amazing, to add to that CP allows for a wonderful mental freedom. I HIGHLY suggest this for people looking to explore both physically and mentally.”

  • “Pungent smell and nice citrus highlights with a good thx content”