Critical Kali Mist Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Taste: Very earthy taste. There is a subtle sweet undertone but the earthy taste is very overwhelming. Smell: A sweet pine smell greets you when you haul it out! If you tear open the bud, the smell is strong and graceful. Smoking: I enjoy this bud in a spliff mixed with a dash of apple tobacco; or ditch the tobacco and enjoy a classic blunt. (Note: Any device or contraptions smoke the same. The hits are smooth and t...”

  • “God bless it”

  • “Large round shaped buds for the most part and others more cone shaped all of them however dense yet spongey and easy to rip apart with lost of hairs and trics blanketing the buds that we all beautiful shades of green. The smoke is a clear hard hitting sativa that almost can cut through the high of a indica,that I had been smoking on earlier that day, clear headed high that hits you quick and wakes you up yet it's sti...”

  • “I got an ounce of this and it comes in nice long buds, they aren't tight though. It smokes smooth, but leaves a bit of an aftertaste, it is chemically to me, but maybe others would say Earthy. It isn't bad, just an for sure aftertaste. I get high pretty fast on this, and it is a full body high, like I am floating, I am smoking it right now and typing is rough!”

  • “I received this strain in crumble form. Very good medicine, it has a spicy like smell when you open the container. This is good for when you want to watch some sports or play guitar, anything that gives you a rush. However, a slight Nausea is presenting itself.”

  • “First off, beautiful bud! The appearance is just perfection! Outstandingly sweet! Hits smoothly, tastes immaculate! I think I have found my lifetime strain!😻”

  • “Perhaps a new favorite. I picked it up after reading the lineage, and most of all after I learned who Kali is. She is a goddess who in ancient tantric religion practices would take a shot of bhang (a boiled cannabis tincture) and then honor the Sacred Feminine by worshiping her through sexual practices. This high will leave you feeling connected to that Higher Power, relaxed, happy and open minded. Perhaps as though...”

  • “great beautiful looking buds! Smokes like a champ!”