Dance World Reviews

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  • “Dance world's lower THC and higher CBD make for a smoke that's not too stony yet it still gives a very subtle, uplifting head with a relaxed body. Good for those looking for the benefits of a high CBD strain or those who want a little high without being too stoned. Light, earthy yet sweet smell. Subtle spicy and sweet flavor.”

  • “Really awesome THC/CBD combo. Mellow, happy, conversational, and therapeutic. I have had numerous surgeries for my knee, ankle, etc, and this strain really helps with the pain. Additionally, being ADHD, it really helps with my spastic behavior, hyperactivity, and slowing down my thoughts. Best thing about it is being able to start at a small dose of THC, and increase, rather than other strains that knock your socks o...”

  • “This strain is high CBD and THC - the best of both worlds!”

  • “Really great! A little heady but not in a dissacociative way...didn't feel like a balloon flying away. The high CBD is great for intestinal issues. And it also was very functional. Lower THC made it so the CBD just made you feel nice. Great for anxiety.”

  • “Takes pain away with little to no psychoactive effects. Great for medical users who don't want to be "high".”

  • “This is a great strain for daytime use.A bowl in the morning keeps my pain manageable almost the whole day.Keeps you relaxed,yet energized.I give it an A++”

  • “Got this at Uncle Ike's in Seattle while visiting last year. Really helped my son's pain without making him fall asleep or just be too messed up. Just as the reviews said. We wish we lived where this was available as we really think it would give him great help on fibromyalgia pain, migraine pain, and depression. Thank you to the guys at Uncle Ike's for a great recommendation.”

  • “Picked this up today mostly for my wife. But I was excited to try this strain out. As you see this is very CBD heavy. Ratio is close to even THC. The head high was very mellow. Body very relaxed. Not my personal favorite as far as getting ripped and playing video games. But very chill and mellow overall high. Side notes: lower back pain was gone after smoking. I did end up smoking a different strain to get a strong...”