Dirty Girl Reviews

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  • “The true freaks are never the ones you suspect: the blonde with the nip-slip top or the brunette trying to pull off the 80's retro look but who ends up looking like the lead singer of Ratt coming off a nine-day heroin jag instead. No, it's plain-jane girl at the back of the club sipping a Mojito and wearing glasses that were never in style. The same one who invites you back to her place -- and two hours later you're ...”

  • “Currently my number one daytime strain. Decided it should really be called "clean the whole damn house girl" as I find myself cleaning behind the refrigerator or in other generally untouched spots in my home. The best parts: no anxiety, no munchies and no slowing me down.”

  • “a new favorite. uplifting and energetic doesn't even begin to describe the effect. this go's into my hall of fame. love it. I work great on it out makes the start of my day a whole lot easier.”

  • “Dank pungent tasty strain 24 percent THC”

  • “First time smoking Dirty Girl, and it was true to its name. Also no munchies, and my head felt light and de-stressed. Had lots of energy to get stuff done. Looking forward to more smokes with this girl.”

  • “This one is very interesting. Intense mind high. Overall very stimulating. Gets me so amped up I am wide awake. Very focused, if you smoke too much however you can become paranoid. It's very refreshing and different.”

  • “Very good sativa. 1 joint of this and I'm sitting back watching a movie smiling uncontrollably and my eyes are as red as the devils dick”

  • “happy, uplifting without being TOO energizing or winding you up. great for depression, anxiety and PTSD's hypervigilant state”