Django Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This smoke is just as bad ass as the movie..”

  • “A pleasant sativa suitable for novice and experienced patients alike. Django provides the user with an intense uplifted and euphoric sensation, however due to the strains lower THC content experienced users may need a higher dosage to achieve the desired effects. The taste hits the pallet with a bold floral flavour followed by sweet, earthy undertones. Smell is identical to taste, very floral yet sweet and earthy. O...”

  • “this is a mellow strain easy to smoke. careful on uptake. if not cured correctly can be harsh. not a couch lock. very uplifting with nice cerebral high.”

  • “Excellent green, cures mustle spasms and keeps you uplifted.”

  • “total dry mouth”

  • “A really pleasant strain for if you want to go out and be active while lifting your moods- going for a hike on this strain makes it amazing- this truly is what epitomizes sativas. Strong head rush you feel great and don't lose any energy whatsoever.”

  • “Soooo, I've kinda strayed away from the sativas lately. I've been getting headaches w certain strains, or a bit of anxiety from them, so I kinda fell back on the old faithful indicas or an Indica dominant hybrid. But I still really missed that energetic, citrusy punch in the face in the morning so I decided to order another sativa I had heard of through a pal, Django. AWESOME strain! Beautiful tight, dense buds w a b...”