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Doox Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Bright green buds with orange hairs and crystals throughout, looks very good. Strong sour smell, almost citrus like lemon. Uplifting and Clear headed feeling. Took away a head-ache I had in less than 5 min.”

  • “This is a great pick me up for when you have things to do. I use it for my arthritis and muscle pain and it's just the right amount of pain relief without making you too tired to function.”

  • “Fire ! Bright green sticky and full of crystals. Nice energetic head buzz”

  • “Very unique smell to this particular strain. Its a happy, motivated high that I prefer to smoke in the morning with a nice mug of coffee. I would definitely recommend trying this strain!”

  • “Le silver royal was the best strain I have had in a while the taste the calming feel and then the third is the looks great all around”