Dream Beaver Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “"Dreeeeeeam Beeeaver! I believe you can get me through the niiiiight! Woah-oh, Dreeeeeeam Beeeaver..."🎶”

  • “So far this is the best I can find for my anxiety and depression. It levels me out, make me feel normal again, stops my brain from thinking of 50,000 things at once and let's me focus on one thing at a time. Sadly it's rare so I can't find it often, one day it will be at 5 different dispensaries and the next it's no where to be found, gotta jump on it and stock up. I wish there was a way to be notified when it's stoc...”

  • “Ok, so I play guitar. Cannabis eliminates warm up time drastically. Dream Weaver supplies an amplitude of energy and places my mind in a compatable state for letting my creativity flow. Mild cerebral buzz, not sedative. Long lasting effects too. Cured tummy aching.”

  • “Great sativa! Very uplifting and slightly energizing but also calming. And come on-who doesn't dream of beaver? ;)”

  • “This high is intense but pleasant. I sometimes have anxiety issues with stronger strains, but none at all with this one. Awesome.”

  • “Where can you find this strain?”

  • “dreamweaver or dreambeaver? you decide. As for me, I prefer to dream of beaver.”

  • “An amazing happy-pill. Two or three hits in and your head is tingly, you feel like you can discuss astronomy, and you are genuinely happy. This strain sets a new bar. My strain was grown from Jet City Gardens and I'm too scared to try any other gardens' Dream Beaver. It's that good.”