Durban Cookies Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Just tried this out & it's exactly as described. I have a mild yet relaxing buzz throughout my body, yet very clear headed & not lethargic nor sleepy. Def a good strain for the daytime or with friends to have a good time.”

  • “I found it effective for pain relief and overall calming effect, but in terms of productivity I don't recommend this strain... I know a lot of people think a bag of weed is just a bag of weed, but when you really use your products for different purposes it makes a difference and First Class Releaf has quality product and diverse selection for its patients...”

  • “The headiest GSC rendition I've had. The mental buzz was a bit off putting at first but the effects started to even out with time. A great Sativa for anyone who's a cookie fan.”

  • “Love this strain. One of the best medicines for anxiety”

  • “Guess I got a bad batch or something, but this Durban Cookies is flat high with nothing notable about it. Or, bud tender mixed up my strains with an Indica. Purchased at Yavapai in Cottonwood, AZ. Would not recommend.”

  • “awesome overall high, nice sociable high with a very slight enoyable couch lock. An all day or night use strain. Has that noticeable cookies/sweet lingering after scent.”

  • “I could hear my thoughts a whole lot more on this. Mainly a mental/cerebral high with a nice body buzz. If you're looking for something more functioning and focus, then I would give Durban Cookies a try. With that said, and along with the energy boost it gives, you can find yourself being a lot more productive. And any physical activity would mix pretty well on this. Definitely a big mood changer as well. Excellent w...”

  • “The Durban gives a nice energetic high that makes for a perfect pick-me-up in the morning to go with a coffee. Take a couple puffs before a workout and you're going to be golden.”