Dutch Hawaiian Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “This is by far one of the tastiest strains out there, much better than blue dream, true blueberry, granddaddy purple, strawberry cough, and many OG strains. It is just so tasty its unbelievable citrusy doesn't even start to describe the smell and the flavor the is so pungent and sticks all the way through even the ash is tasty, your hands will smell like most the AMAZING dank, you will constantly smell the bowl after...”

  • “I am really enjoying the Dutch Hawaiian cannabis strain from Top Shelf in Seattle. It has a deliciously fruity smell that brings an instant sense of peace and joy. Smoking this cannabis strain helps remind you that this is medicine, true flower power. It does have a very uplifting and energetic quality to it. I have been enjoying many activities with greater depth and intensity with the help of this strain. I enjoy...”

  • “My all time favorite strain! Immediate rush of euphoria and a happy, easy going focus that eases into a tingly full bodied relaxation that does not leave you couch locked. Highly recommend to everyone, but especially women and fellow mommies.❤️”

  • “excellent wake-and-bake strain...is creeper, and strong-style for an airy sativa”

  • “Dutch Hawaiian or Hawaiian Dutch. It's like the best parts of being drunk without ever having taken a sip of booze.”

  • “Well, here's a new, immediate favorite. I got my second pre-roll of this today and the first one wasn't a fluke. Nice energy boost without the antsy feeling, very creative and clean high. No cloudiness to at all. Very crisp-feeling. Also a bit of giddiness. Just a very fun strain.”

  • “Everything that I consume is for holistic pain relief and medicinal use so finding a stain that hits like Ray Rice in an elevator is a bitch. The way this stuff knocks out pain is absolutely remarkable, the downside to that is it eventually knocks me out too. I'm not complaining, I don't sleep enough as it is - however that means I only consume this as needed, at home with no intentions or obligations. Between lighti...”

  • “Got me some of this Dutch Hawaiian grown by Life Gardens...Wow, love it!!! It has the signature pinapple skunkyness that leaves a sweet aftertaste with you for quite a while. This superb-herb deserves only the 5-est of stars for flawless potency, perfect crumbliness and delicious flavor! Big up, Kushmart! Thanks for all your efforts. DubShaman”