East Coast Alien Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “A very good morning/mid day smoke, ECA normally has high THC content ranging in the mid 20%. Definitely has strong diesel aroma, light green coated in gorgeous white trichromes with some orange hairs. Good for staying productive, you can still function.”

  • “I'm surprised by some of the low scores for this strain, but it's early. I have used this medication before and can say that it is a very potent medication with all the Sativa attributes you'd expect but with a sedating effect if you don't get out and do something or smoke too much. Flavor and smoke are pleasant. Great overall medication for what ails you. The cut I've been enjoying is tested at 25%+ and is very ...”

  • “Extremely potent looking, while having a strong powerful effect, but gentle in how it comes about/onto you. A true sativa-dominant strain in every traditional sense of the phrase. And a very quality powerful strain assuming it's grower knew half of what he was doing. Blankets and layers of keef like I have never seen 10/10”

  • “Tastes similar to Sour D. Very strong”

  • “I like this strain. The word pungent does perfectly describe it. A good flavor, though strangle. Great in shatter form.”

  • “nothing special”

  • “I love Sativas and this is a good one. Good potentcy, decent taste and that energetic buzz I want during the day. The fact that I paid less than five dollars a gram didn't hurt. Big fat verdant buds with the requisite crystals and red/orange hairs. Breaks up nicely for rolling. Really no complaints.”

  • “The smell is diesel-ey.. typical Sativa type smell, but very strong. frosty, beautiful nugs. tastes pretty fresh. and you can't beat the buzz. great deal from Bloom, 50 bucks for a quarter! totally awesome”