Electric Lemon G Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Know here in CT as Biscay by Theraplant, this is a great one for getting work done during the day Helps keep you motivated, and focused, without any fogginess. Nice scent, and mellow taste, not harsh at all. Great price makes for great value. I give it a 4.5. How is this considered a Sativa, with 2 strong Indica parents?”

  • “wow!!!! this strain is simply amazing. my whole room is filled with this beautiful citrus smell. This is the most flavorful flower I have ever smoked. 😍😍”

  • “this is a great strain too made me happy and uplifted and was tasting of lemons ....very nice sativa”

  • “Very dank, one of my favorites from this years grow!”

  • “Excelent i would consider it a hybrid having two indica parents and an unknown hydrid, how do you get sativa out ou that but CT, particular a Caring Nature,just supplied me with a nice eighth of medicine. Let's just say this it made me create a user account so I could try to post up some pictures of it because it's amazing what we have growing out here right now through Theraplant out of Watertown but anyways I will...”

  • “Fantastic strain for when you need a pick me up. Definitely gives you a case of the giggles.”

  • “• theraplant's Electric Lemon 🍋 G is a taste+terp-licious T-20% smooth, sativa-strain that I'm happily trying for its' mood-boosting|balancing qualities, in which I am in-need.. veryy easy on lungs|asthma & the *{ëłēčtrîç}*~part is the energizing, uplifting spirit of the citrusy 🍊zesty-tang of 🍋 limonene terpenoids.. reminds me, in flavor, of Citrus🍊Sap, another tasty 💣⬆️treat! • w/such reasonable/low thc levels...”

  • “I'm giving ELG a 4.7 on the John 18 scale, subtracting a mere .03 points, which will be explained in the following: 1. Description: Beautiful light green buds, with abundant orange hairs, covered with crystals. The buds are quite firm, and grind up and roll like a five star herb. The flowers are very aromatic, with a tiny hint of lemons, but a strong Northern Lights #5 influence. I just happen to have one good bud ...”