Elephant Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Love me some Elephant! Dabbed some of this and went to Sativa heaven! Super constructive high. Couldn't quit vacuuming and cleaning the house while in deep thought lol If you get your hands on some it won't be the Elephant in the room. Zing see how I did that?”

  • “Aloha! when I heard this strain is believed to originate in Hawaii i had to try it. Real happy, feeling creative, and energy is pretty good overall. not too speedy but definitely a Sativa high with just a bit of spacey/stoney vibes.”

  • “It made me feel like a school boy whose parents left him at a bus stop and never came back. It was alright. Good legacy​ strain.”

  • “Picked up some Elephant produced by Sunshine Farms here in WA, and just couldn't be happier with it!! Taste and smell are great, not too harsh on the throat, and had an enjoyable and productive high. I sometimes have anxiety, especially in social situations, but this made me happy to bs with everyone around! My go-to sativa at the moment!!”

  • “actually helps motivate me to clean the house. first post.”

  • “I usually don't like how sativas make me feel but this one relaxed me really well and the smoke was tasty and strong hybrid like💪🏾😌🙌🏾”

  • “One of my favorite Hawaiian sativa strains from the good ol days. Her name describes her perfectly. Nice one Leafly.”

  • “Nice & clear headed uplifting and happy is what you should feel on Elephant Great Strain.”