Elphinstone Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Grown by Kiona THC here in Washington state, the smell reminded me with the sweetness of Jack Herer/Dutch Treat, and a little skunk, but mostly sweet and piney. The taste on the palate is floral and candy-like, and the taste lasts far into the bowl versus some strains that lose their taste after 3-4 hits. Stoney for a sativa, but helped me do laundry and clean the kitchen without that UGH feeling. All in all from the...”

  • “Piney, notes of citrus. This batch from Kiona (outdoor) is cured well. Perhaps a little harsh to smoke, but the taste is unique and satisfying. Definitely on the sativa side but not without balance. It has some stoniness to it.”

  • “STICKY! Good vibes, happy, a little stonier than some sativas...funny. solid 4.5-4.7. not giving me energy, but not couch locked. Great smell! really interesting! mountain dew...to new leather shoes...to pine forest”

  • “Super happy with this sativa. Focused and happy high while still social and outgoing. Smells citrus. Got flowers at dockside in seattle, great recommendation.”

  • “As you take your first hit and let it sink in for a few seconds, you start to ease away from reality little by little, but you are in such a serene state, that you let answers reveal themselves to you one at a time, and either dwell in this newfound knowledge nearly motionless, or you wanna watch a favorite show to keep the mind engaged. Such a stimulating strain. So stimulating, one may become vulnerable to analysis...”