Fire Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain was REALLY fun to smoke, a couple of my friends and I took a walk around a wooded area ripping three of four bowls. Was one of the best highs I've ever had.”

  • “Got an ounce of this stuff in Chicago. Fire Haze is best for adventures in the sun. It doesn't make me as hungry as other strains do but if I start eating it is very hard to stop. I always get really dry eyes and mouth. Sometimes fire haze makes me and my friends paranoid but this stuff is worth it... One of my favorite sativa strains that has made it to chicago.”

  • “This is the best shit”

  • “love this flower! buds look awesome and smell even better. I'm not the biggest sativa fan, however this stuff was awesome. I used a delivery Service in az called nice guy meds. I was very impressed”

  • “this is probally my favorite sativa strain. hits you hard and fast but the only issue is its not around enough. great for adventures or just trying to chill. euphoric is the best word I could think of”

  • “It is EXTREMELY pleasing... and amazing for social events.. Great for public functions”

  • “I broke into this bud and immediately fell in love, if it wasn't snowing outside it would be in here because these crystals are off the hook. Great high, hits you fast, great get up and go strain.”

  • “Pretty nice strain. Took a couple bong snaps for me to feel it. Made me feel dizzy and silly, and for sure a nice strain to try when you're looking to chill out.”