Full Moon Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I just harvested this strain, and let me tell you it is my favorite day time smoke. Very uplifting and easy going, it's perfect for a pick me up. Smells insane, very tropical and spicy, with some ammonia and citrus undertones. Tastes spicy.”

  • “Tried this strain for the first time the other day. Let me tell you how warm and comfortable I felt in 3 mins top. I got by usual warm vibration feeling almost instantly after smoking it, and that makes me happy. I highly recommend it :)”

  • “This strain was positively wavy. I smoked this strain, and I was sure that the bud was not getting me high, rather the blunt was. After 30 minutes, I began to hallucinate, impairing my driving vision significantly. The sunrays were bending, and I couldn't stop smiling. What an elite day time smoke! Stay lifted (:>)”

  • “If you're a Sativa lover, you have to give this a try. Those who are old enough to remember that Thai Stick that was around during the late 70's early 80's. well here it is. Full moon reminded me of just that. nice spicy, earthy, slightly lemon. Creeper. Full Moon strain is a great daytime choice, but it does have the tendency to cause sleepiness during the come down phase. This starts in the head, then slowly to t...”

  • “Very uplifting and happy high”

  • “Awesome, happy high and low on munchies!”

  • “💖🔥💨👍👍👍🙌🙌”

  • “Very nice Sativa. Light floral flavor via vaping. We liked the relaxing head high, yet able to get things done.”