Galactic Jack Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is one of the best strains I've ever tried. It allows me to relax and mellow out very effectively without getting paranoid. I also feel more focused, creative and aware when taking it.”

  • “one of my favorite sativas. I'm a daily medical user for flowers and wouldn't recommend this to novice users because it's a very heavy hitting sativa (paranoia and general jumpiness). Got a lot done though because it is very energetic. I would recommend for morning use if you have a lot of easy relaxing things to get done. not the best for pain relief although it offers some.”

  • “Delivers a wonderful, stimulating buzz. Provides excellent pain relief and sooths my aching tummy. Tastes delicious and fruity yet when exhaling I tasted notes of pine and an earthy sweetness. Mind free Pain gone Energy engaged Overall top shelf breeding”

  • “Galactic Jack has reserved my education regarding the ability to read or comprehend information in a logical manner. Other than that, tuna casserole.”

  • “Great sativa to smoke. Has a nice grapefruit taste and isn't harsh. The high is very mellow compared to other sativa dominate strains. Fifty fold does a great job on all there flower they grow. Definitely recommend to the daily smoker with a novice to veteran tolerance level.”

  • “This strain is one of the best my girlfriend is a big fan of the jacks and they are great in many ways. But something was different about GALACTIC JACK 😳 With its sweet sweet taste and earthy flavors that just brings out the best in it and a great skunk aroma as well. This strain is great for a great outdoor hike or and a very active and productive effect and great body high as well.”

  • “Thanks to Galactic Jack, I now know why my Converse sneakers have felt on the bottom. And my oh my, that's something interesting I'll tell you what. I'm not going to spoil it and tell you, but you should look it up. Turn on the Internet and stoke up one of those Googles you've been talking about.”

  • “I always love the flavor of Galactic Jack! It's a great mixer for the random budlets you have floating around the house. It is an uplifting strain, for sure. Really great for socializing and low-stress crowd enjoyment. I haven't met anyone yet who was dissatisfied with Galactic Jack in relation to anxiety disorders. Even people who don't like sativas enjoy Galactic Jack for its no-head-rush sativa effects. Personall...”