Green Crack Extreme Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Compared to her sister the original green crack, this batch really kicks your ass. The sweet candy-like aroma with bright green crystal filled leaves, and a bud that is dense as a rock. Best when freshly harvested, got a batch of dry GCX, and it was harsh as hell, but still have the same effects. This bud is great daytime bud, really keeps you focused and energetic with the psychoactive giggly effects making everythi...”

  • “strongest sativa i've had so far, a little goes a long way compared to regular green crack, and has a harder, longer lasting buzz. you'll need something to do, otherwise you may just space out and not come back for a bit.”

  • “My absolute favorite strain! Uplifting, energetic and focused head high with zero body load. Great for use during the day time when you need to get stuff done.”

  • “It's very dank weed, with a very strong quick and strong high. It makes me very talkative but sometimes also paranoid. Good to smoke near nature.”

  • “This is the freshest high energy product around. I vapid all day and was still able to feel the effect well into the evening. When I was ready to sleep I could.”

  • “A great strain that has me uplifted and feeling no stress from life at all. Would recommend.”

  • “when i first got this strain it smelled extremelly potent and when i smoked it i was surprised how quick it hit me and taste fruity good head high and low medium low body buzz excellent strain i would recommnd this to anybody who smokes.”

  • “Its a step above most sativa strains and probably some of the best Sativas available.”