Green Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great for the price. I swear I saw a tree with a nose.”

  • “I just picked up some of this last night and this was my first time trying it. Let me start off by saying it was fantastic. I threw it into the gravity bong and the hit was so smooth and deep. The taste was phenomenal. Not even a minute later, this high, that infiltrated my mind and sank me into this deep but heightened state, kicked in. I had been listening to some Tame Impala and Portugal. The Man. These bands had ...”

  • “light and airy, relieves some pains but best enjoyed during the day”

  • “Great Strain for anxiety, make u feel really up and euphoric great for focusing and just taking on the day”

  • “I smoke 1 bowl after I wake up and one a couple hours before work and then I'm set for the day. No anxiety, talking to people is so much easier and I can relax and enjoy people. Awesome strain 🖤✨💨”

  • “Taking a quick look at it I wasn't super impressed, but after hot knifing a hit, I really liked it,, Its way better than I expected!! Smoking it out of a glass is just as enjoyable, and my Peep's are digging it as well!! It has a great head high, and I was able to focus, & function totally stress, & pain free!! I'll be going threw a lot of it, :-D !!”

  • “Mayne I'm high as fuck! Sick stain with great flavor!”

  • “im post op patient and this strain wasnt all that i hoped for as in A sativa. it was good enough hits the spot tho and for a sativa takes most pain away surprised about that,”