Harley Storm Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is a nice soothing blend of sativa and indica and it really helped to balance me out on a stressful day”

  • “It's pretty good if you're not looking for a stoned effect, helps with pain a lot as well.”

  • “I absolutely love ❤️ this CBD Sap It's got a nice taste , hard to exactly pinpoint the flavor , I have Fibromyalgia, and if I've got some pain that I can't shake, I do some Harley's Storm dabs and pain relief sets in . I've found that it pairs well with Tangie or Jilly dabs . Very uplifting , and great medicine ! In my opinion .... you can't go wrong with CannaVative! 😊✌🏽️”

  • “Great for pain and stress relief, offers a mellow high. Perfect for day use.”

  • “This strain is magnificent. Absolutely the best CBD strain available in Las Vegas. THC under 1%, CBD almost 15% and Myrcene at 14.9 mg/g. Really nice flower.”

  • “Wonderful strain for relief of inflammation and tension for those with THC sensitivity. Goes to work well and even gives a nice mellow "all is well" high, but doesn't induce paranoia or the other negatives I get from a higher THC level. I'd have to say this is my new fave CBD strain but it doesn't seem to be very common in CA. Oh well, another excuse to visit the BLC.”