Hashplant Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “this is a beautiful mix of sativa, fragrant and sweet , and beautifully sticky. The unusual taste does indeed have a bit of melon about it , which is apparently what a cantaloupe is so that explains that ... i dont think this is very high on the old thc as its a nice light uplifting creative strain so cbd is very high and the build up of tolerance is a good week at least :) beautiful strain”

  • “Got it from a local dispensary. My gram looked a little dry and beat up but it did the trick This is a good strain for my migraines. Not too euphoric and it didn't make me slow or spacey. But still gave me the head numb effect that I need. It helped both the nausea component but also the headache as well. I definitely will pick this up again”

  • “I like this shit. Never had a hashplant strain before so this was unique. Tastes really strange, like sweet but heavy. Smells heavenly and the particular batch I had had CRAZY orange hairs sticking out all over the place. Really mellow head high. A little pressure in the head, like the center of my head wants to burst through to the outside. Not in a bad way.”

  • “This plant produces huge buds from the top to the bottom of the plant. Very few leaves to trim with this one and did I mention the HUGE dense buds which completely covers this fruity plant. I like how I'm able to function during the day and not get couch locked or too dazed with this strain. It's a very uplifting and energetic buzz. One of my favorites for smoking during the active hours of the day.”

  • “....if you seriously just don't wanna give a f**k....... this strain is for you... ...and I don't suggest driving, or actually even walking could be a problem, but you sho is gonna get HIGH... lol, dam it's good.”

  • “Patients have been given positive feedback on Hash Haze because of its benefits to help with depression, inability to sleep, discomfort, tension and loss of appitite. It smells a lot like lavender and taste more peppery with sandalwood undertones that patients really think is pleasant.”

  • “i dont know what kind of hashplant i got but it is great super sativa like the sexy lady said in green goddess.. so.. #jeah.. getit..smoke it..”

  • “great for during the day if you still have to get things done.”