Hawaiian Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “this strain smells phenomenal and the other review is correct it does make you wanna pass out. A really mellow high very relaxing nice way to end the day”

  • “Hawaiian diesel taste so good and it gets your higher than a kite, made me hella hungry but I enjoyed the high but after two hours I was knocked out”

  • “At first it makes me feel very heavy, but energetic and happy as well as very talkative. After about an hour or so I get really hungry and then after I fill up on munchies I get really sleepy and end up taking like an hour or two nap. Highly recommended though!”

  • “Nice high, not intense at all. Makes me sleepy within 10 minutes and gives me a good sleep for the night. Not super social though for me, keeps me in my head which I like.”

  • “Delicious and uplifting, however can make you sleepy very suddenly.”

  • “Very good strain gets you really really high before the blunt is finished! Great strain I love it!!”

  • “Nice fruity sativa strain, tropical, and citrus aroma...Good daytime strain...Especially on weekends lounging in the house.”

  • “Wonderful tasting strain, sweet tropical fruit taste and smell.A good balanced sativa”