Hawaiian Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Received a half zip of this along with some Tahoe OG. The comparison is mind blowing; opening the Tahoe, and then the Hawaiian Haze. The HH is unbelievably light, could only fit 6g into my 1/4oz jar (which normally fits 8-9g comfortably). Appearance is exactly like that of the picture, an earthy mellow green with spaced out long curly light hairs. The smell is what instantly hits you as you open the jar. It's like a ...”

  • “This strain is absolutely amazing. Not only does it taste great, but it hits pretty smooth too. Also, you don't need to smoke a lot to get high. I bought a quarter and normally that would last me a day, but I only had half a gram of it and I was flying. I highly recommend this strain to anyone with anxiety, depression, or insomnia. I have those things and Bipolar Disorder, and this strain really helped me out.”

  • “Has a very energetic cerebral high.. If you have things to do and need to be medicated.. This is the strain!”

  • “It's mostly great for energizing sativa lovers like me, but it's heavier stoniness can sneak up on ya. If you're trying to get stuff done, smoke half as much as you'd expect to and wait a while. Cuz it's gon' creep. Great psychoactive creativity that flirts with paranoia and anxiety in larger amounts. You have been warned.”

  • “Really mellow head high. I strongly recommend it.”

  • “really great high. happy, relaxed, talkative, and euphoric. Good for smoking in the day time. Only thing is that it gives me the munchies!”

  • “Smoked some in the Dam bra!!! All I can say is YES! Smoke this!!! Happy buzzing energetic high and euphoric tropical lushness tastes so sweet aswel..”

  • “The Hawaiian Haze is not a bad but it's not fucking with the Original NYC Haze from Washington Heights , I smoked it in Raw papers & a Dutch Master so believe smoked the shot out this bud. I love the way this Hawaiian Haze feels in my hands it feel like how weed should feel and taste!! It's definitely a must try for the Haze lovers.”