Hawaiian Punch Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Super bomb sativa smoke, the smell and taste are absolutely phenomenal that holds true to its name and it smokes great to, a nice all around strain (sativa wise) def in my top 3 for daytime use”

  • “I bought this strain for only $7/gm at a local dispensary, thinking that anything at that low price might be great for making edibles. After vaping a bowl, I changed my mind - I had just bought some excellent herb that I wanted to use for - everything! Sweet and fruity, easy and smooth going in, this tasty herb gave me a pleasant, uplifted head high and energized me enough that I got through some chores and a lovely...”

  • “Didn't anticipate being THIS high when I broke into Hawaiian Punch for an early-afternoon bowl. My impression? Don't be fooled by its innocent fruity smell and bright, colorful buds; this one is closely related to Memphis Belle, so it'll punch you. And you won't even see it coming.”

  • “This strain gave me a really good head high and made me focus. The smell and taste of these dense covered tricome nuggets are very sweet and fruity. The high lasted for about 2-3 hours great sativa. Looking forward to try this with the gas mask!!”

  • “This strain like many of the other Hawaiian strains can be a little tricky to grow indoors. To see her full potential she needs a much longer flowerings than most of the popular Indica Hybrids around the shops these days. Not known for her indoor production, I've heard that she may do much better outdoors in much warmer climates. In 20+ years growing and breeding with this strain I've never seen a single seed in the...”

  • “Smoking Hawaiian Punch is like taking a trip to Hawaii. It has the sweetest tropical aroma. Definetely a good anti-depressant!”

  • “tastes and smells just like Hawaiian punch. A very pleasant tropical pungent smoke that will leave you relaxed and a bit hungry. The buds were nice and chunky and I noticed the sugar leaves were purple. This would be a great choice for unwinding and kicking back.”

  • “Being from The Big Island and knowing the creator of this tasty strain I think I can give a good honest rating. Hawaiian Punch delivers the flavor and creeping punch that this strain packs. Just what I look for at the end of a long day. My gf loves this strain when she gets a headache. Almost instant relief!”