Hempstar Reviews

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  • “This strain is currently one of my "go-to" sativas. It's always a great high for when I want to have a nice quiet night at home meditating, but I've also used it during small gatherings and I've noticed it can make me pretty chatty.”

  • “This strain smells like fresh citrusy lemons growing in a rain forest. Once it's ground, it smells like a blast of tropical citrus that tinges the nostrils. It was so enticing that I literally accidentally snorted a little bit because I couldn't get enough of the smell. When you smoke it it tastes Mother Earth put her dick in a rain forest. And the high has me high enough that I just wrote that. Head feels nice and c...”

  • “My favorite strain. Always covered in THC trichomes, powdered all over the delicious buds. Pure cannabis happiness and energy in this green--almost yellow from THC--plant .”

  • “Hempstar is my new favorite sativa it woke me up and kept me up really euphoric, it also gave me the giggles and i had a mad munchie run, i would only use this strain in the morning, never at night. im giving this strain a 5 out of 5. one of my top strains forsure .”

  • “this is the kind of bud you want to pull out when you are going to be smoking a bunch with the boys. great hits, smooth from beginning to end and a classic sativa. when trying for the first time you probably want to get a quarter ;)”

  • “Makes you focused and energetic at first. The smell is pretty complex - hints of pine, skunk, and fruitiness make for a pungent combo. Tastes herbal, almost like pine and mint. Not harsh at all. A modest bong bowl had my heart racing and my mind sharp but still creative. Energetic yet muscles were feeling relaxed and great. Didn't make me laugh but made me contemplate a lot. Definite sativa. Definitely recommended if...”

  • “AmaZing! Def One of the Best Meds I've tried in a while! Uplifting and Active... No Couch Lock Here! Great pain relief for a day smoke/vapor, a lol goes a long way”

  • “Hempstar is a strain that definitely lives up to being a sativa. As soon as I smoked it I felt relaxed and calm, my head was completely clear and gave me the energy to get on with my day. It made me very mellow but still very functional and aware. It's a great strain to start your day.”