Hurricane Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I found this to be a very cerebral and visual high. I was taking a ride in the Berkshires on a back road on a sunny day. Everything seemed more vivid, brighter and I found myself in deep thought and giggling to myself quite often. It is also a good body high as I also was relieved of pain from my back and arthritis. I am 64 and that is real good news. I only had a couple of hits and the high maintained its intensity ...”

  • “great strain!!! as I text I'm smoking it. it's a great clean high. great med for all day use. great taste and look! Green and purple leafs and crystals. relieves pain, creative, focused, it's a great strain. if u get a chance, grab as much as u can. it flies out the door!!!”

  • “creative and motivational mentally, but a very sedating body high. Maybe where the name comes from? haha Okay, but not ideal for day use.. I keep zoning out and getting distracted. The bud itself though is beautiful!!”

  • “Yes Please! I give this strain 5 Unicycles! Thank you NETA. Lisa rocks. Watched a fellow patient attempt to cover his grill - as if an invisible Hurricane was preventing his synapses from puzzling together the proper orientation of space-time cooktinuum. Used a Bubbler for a smooth smoky med session. Pleasing to 5/5 senses, ESPECIALLY the clear eyed pain relief. Reported 19.4% TAC, but beware! This beautiful ...”

  • “Definitely a favorite. All around good mood and uplifted. One of the most well balanced strains I've ever had, wonderful for anxiety while remaining focused and productive or lazy and relaxed. Beautiful dark purple and light green calyx make for a beautiful contrast.”

  • “🔥🔥🔥Fire🔥🔥🔥😤”

  • “THIS is my new #1 daytime med when I feel like I need to calm down. Good anytime of the day really. Great sativa/indica balance. I'm in love.”

  • “5 stars atleast for me. I love the calm level headed high it gives you. Crystals and purples and delish.”