J-27 Reviews

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  • “This is a solid Sativa strain. It is the parent of the now popular Tangerine or Tangie cross, it has been passed off as Grapefruit by some although it is a much better strain than the GF, effect wise. It is the citrus smell that has made the name get thrown around, as it appears even by Leafly's review not many seem to know the real history. Let me explain it. It has no Jack in it although I know how that rumor got s...”

  • “Captain's Log: 4.5.15 11:08 a.m. Amount Consumed: 0.12g Physical Description: Dense, dry flower which contains reddish-orange hairs prominently. Taste Profile: citrus mixed with a more grounded/earthy flavor. Pros: the bud is incredibly potent, allowing the user to smoke tiny portions while still maintaining an intense, focused high. Creativity comes more easily, and the social nature of J-27 allows the user to remai...”

  • “definitely an active sativa. I use this when hiking or going on walks. makes me feel positive, motivated, and creative.”

  • “Got a half z of J-27 the other day. DEFINETLY a SATIVA!! No joke this stuff will have you zipping around from thing to thing,thoughts coming and going. Smoking before bed is a no go, your mind will be racing and you will lay in a half awake dream state for a good hour. But for day time or morning,it was an interesting buzz. The batch i got wasnt the usuall 5star quality,but was a solid 3star bud(with 1bein brick/reg/...”

  • WCT

    “This stuff rocks my world. I've paid more for a lot of "so so' stuff that wasn't nearly this good. Once I finally stopped giggling & found the couch, I had some crazy fun dreams that were borderline acid trip material. It's been 25 years since that, but wow. I woke up the next morning & all I could think was "I don't know WTF that was, but it was f'ing cool". HIGHLY RECOMMEND”

  • “This was recommended to me as a peppy sativa that was potent and consistent, good for motivation and focus (I needed something to keep my ADD in check while I was writing papers). I bought a gram, packed my water pipe's bowl and fired up, but instead of a pleasantly uplifted and creative mindset I felt no mental or physical change. I waited thirty or forty-five minutes, just to be sure, packed a second bowl, and tr...”

  • “This weed when broken up smells like a sweet weed with a slight hint of pungent. Then when inhaled you immediately taste the overwhelmingly citrus flavor followed by a pungent dank aftertaste. This weed will shoot you to the stars and give you the energy required to as well. 4/5!”

  • “I've been smoking a cross of this and White Widow, and let me tell you, this strain has multiple tricks up its sleeve. For me, it starts out with an intense burst of energy for the first hour and a half, maybe 2 hours. After that, a huge sleepy and hungry couch - lock feeling sets in, unless you smoke more. I would recommend smoking this out of a J at least once, the flavor is nice and citrusy, along with the smell.”