Jack Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Very uplifted, euphoric high. Good daytime strain, and good for depression.”

  • “Gives a really nice uplifting effect that is somewhat euphoric and creative, but still somehow mellow. It smells of pungent sweetness, and tastes sweet like candy as well. Good morning strain, even better daytime strain. Great nausea relief and hunger inducer. It is great for stress, I don't feel any bit of anxiety with this strain which is surprising to me. This might be one of my favorite sativas ever. The effects ...”

  • “An Amazing Sativa that is full of flavor which has a haze type of taste. Its parent plant is the beast of a sativa Jack Herer and another Diesel making this the best of both. Great uplifting energetic high delivered from an excellent Sativa!”

  • “Definitely an intense head high. It keeps you awake and your eyes wide open.”

  • “This stuff is almost overkill. I said, almost...Jack Diesel is a serious sativa lover's dream strain. Very airy mental stimulation, pleasant energy increase, and very subtle fading as it wears off. I could smoke this all day, it's that clean of a buzz. Later in the day I experienced a body buzz, but I think the sandman was creeping in by then. Wonderfully fluffy, sweet, and dark green flower is what I've seen from J...”

  • “really enjoying this nice mellow buzz”

  • “A great Sativa buzz for the morning or afternoon Jack Diesel will leave you Happy, Hungry, Uplifted, Energetic, Relaxed, and Focused with alittle cotton mouth. Great for depression, stress, neasea, adhd, or anxiety. A Every Diesely, Earthy, with a Citrus finish flavor testing at 31.1 from Leef and is very strong for a Sativa.”

  • “What a killer strain of two of my favorites NYC Diesel and Jack Herer. Through my Arizer Solo vaporizer ground medium, this blend tastes mostly fruity and light followed by a pleasantly mild diesel taste. Initially it produces a strong, clean head high inviting creativity and thought. Later you will be left feeling good, happy and ready for your day! Hats off to TCC in Mesa for carrying this (and many other) killer s...”