Jack Smack Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I deliver mail and when I get home, I can be wiped out sometimes. And when I smoke after work I can pass out. Not on this!!! It's like the energy drink of Maryjane. It's amazing.”

  • “I'm personally a huge fan of Jack Herer and this bud smells strong with the Herer. Has that super sharp, poignant smell and has a very smooth taste that leaves your taste buds wanting an encore. The mind is sharp and induces a rush of positivity, creativity, and leaves an energetic trail that lingers long enough to get things done during the day”

  • “this strain is definitely potent 2 hitter quitter. i hav3 constant back pain and this was an instant reliever”

  • “If you're looking for that social tree that can keep the party going this is it. Such a smooth smoke with an nice energetic high that also keep the munchies at bay. this is my #1 go to hands down”