Jack Wreck Reviews

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  • “this is a cross of jack herer and trainwreck, according to my dealer. i am having trouble wrapping my head around the idea that a weed of this potency exists in the world. really strong mental and body high -- the mental is very giddy and calm, i had a very intense two days with a lot of fucked up dental work and right now that could not be further from my mind. i suffer from an anxiety disorder so this abated that c...”

  • “Instantaneous come on. First in the eyes, shortly followed by emotional state. Eyes feel tired and heavy. Strangely the opposite effect from Jacks. There is the trademark bright clarity, but eyes feel so sleepy (I’ve been up for 4 hours and haven’t smoked, so don’t think it’s other reasons). The Trainwreck produces a strong, dreamy experience - but the clarity from jack keeps you present and stable. Music is fabulous...”

  • “This is a game changer if you are in a negative type of mood. You ever have a day where you are just annoyed at the world or everyone is finding your last nerve and stomping on that bastard? All the while you know you don’t want to be in that mood but you can’t shake off the funk? Well, let me introduce you to Jack Wreck....he fixes that shit.....and fixes it quickly. I have now smoked this while happy (best high),...”

  • “This strain is very nice and euphoric, but I must say, this strain is intense with high THC content. Some people may not be able to handle this strain due to feeling "unstable." Otherwise, this strain is wonderful with a rush of energy and an intense euphoric high. One of my favorites.”

  • “Just got a batch of Jack Wreck, and I was suprised at first then let down. As soon as I hit it I got super high this is some potent stuff boy howdy. But the high seemed to burn out pretty quickly. I am the kind of smoker who likes to smoke once and enjoy the high for a while before I gotta smoke again. I am definitely not a chain smoker and this strain just wasn't for me. But to its credit I did get super high...”

  • “Definitely one of my top strains, considering its two of my favorites combined. Gives a great euphoria, and a intense mind high depending on how much you smoke. This strain will definitely keep you awake, my mind felt awake when my body was tired. I would recommend this for daytime. After a couple bowls of "Jack Wreck", I then took about three snaps of blue dream, this was definitely a great high. Combining Jack Here...”

  • “I picked this up from Organna Cann in H.B. I am a Jack Strain lover for many years now. I find that the Jack crosses are very much hit or miss. The Jack Wreck from Organna Cann falls into the former category. Its a HOME RUN! Flavor, cure and smokability are excellent. The Trainwreck adds an incredible body tingle not usually found in other Jack Strains.Note: If you suffer from anxiety or mania, you might want to skip...”

  • “I'm an OMMP card holder with PTSD, panic attacks, disassociations, depression, sciatica, severe nausea, and migraines. So, my tolerance is much higher than the casual stoner. I treat my conditions with a dab or two and then maintain with my favorite go to flower provided by my grower. Anyways, Jack Wreck is awesome. Timewreck and jack the ripper both are great evening strains for me, and their bastard child, Jack W...”