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Jackalope Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Thought about giving it a 4 star. I'm still awake at 1am after smoking at 630pm...however, if I smoke this tomorrow after lunch I'll give it 5 for keeping up and motivated. Excellent daytime smoke - not so much in the evening. unless being up all night is the plan!”

  • “(Chocolope x Black Jack) Super sweet Chocolope pollinated by a super tasty Black Jack father. Expect either a more sativa influenced chocolate pheno or a darker, more dense, fruitier Black Jack pheno. Both share the same taste and high but the sativa pheno is less fruity. Taste is slight raw chocolate with some berries and a hint of incense/opium. High is speedy with a slight sedative after effect. Never waste this i...”

  • “This is a high potency sativa strain, great for energy in the mornings.For me it's a bit too intense and heady for a mid-afternoon smoke if I'm at work but for the most part, if you can handle heavy sativa strains this may be what you've been looking for. Easily one of the top 3 most potent smelling, sweet, fat, juicy sativas I have ever seen. Very compact in resin and sparkly with trichome production. Long lasting....”

  • “This strain right here is strong, very heady and cerebral. The buds are dense and bursting with trichomes and has a very interesting chocolate berry taste. It's pretty harsh on the lungs, but it's definitely a classic head busting sativa. I love it personally.”

  • “definitely a favorite. really fun high. a bit of an aphrodisiac.”

  • “Amazing smell - earthy, piney, subtle hints of diesel. The trichomes were so abundant it made the Bud look almost wet. This strain felt like an indica to me - it starts out with a hazy feeling that eases into eventual couchlock, very good stuff.”

  • “I dabbed this strain, and the taste was out of this world. There was strong taste of chocolate with suttle notes of berries. This strain didn't hit my head as hard as I thought it would, however the high was mainly in the head with mild body pain relief. There is a slight crash when the medicine wears off.”

  • “great for day time to hang out with friends an talk an amazing fir night time to relax🚀🚀🚀🚀”