Jack's Cleaner Reviews

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  • “For a person who normally enjoys indica's, this is one of my favorite hybrids I have tried so far. Seems heavier on the sativa, which for some reason I don't mind with this strain. Very strong pine sol odor and taste. Sticky and bright yellow/green. I can feel the high come on in about two-three hits, which is pretty good for me because I am an all day, high tolerance smoker. I just can't get over the smell and taste...”

  • “This is my new go to day time strain. Warning: not for beginners. Potency: 9/10 Effect: very awake and clear. Great strain for anxiety if done moderation and heavy euphoria if you decide to go big. Flavor and appearance: lemony scent with sweet skunky undertones that becomes even stronger upon grinding . Crystals covering semi dense,cone-ish shaped buds. Lots of Kief in the trap. Will Defs buy again and wou...”

  • “Treedom / Kush Wa I502 /The Joint /Starbuds Kirkland. Amazing Felt like Mr. Clean and i made a incredible beat and arranged it while smoking J'sC . Production enhancing. Whatever you make you go extra hard. inspiring I'd say. Dont believe the hype Cannabis doesn't make people lazy. Either your lazy or your not.”

  • “I wrote a review on this before but only said a few things... Since then I have picked up this strain from the rec shop 3 more times and let me tell you this strain is straight fire. It smells like strange citrus danky rotten fruity chemically loudness and the look is light green sativa looking buds with light orange hairs.. Similar to jack herer.. The high is amazing the taste is excellent, very orange citrusy flavo...”

  • “I picked this up a couple days ago, and overall, it's an amazing strain. it's extremely potent. I smoke every day and there was one day where I smoked 2 bowls and was high the entire day off of this. you definitely get your money's worth with this one. It does make you energetic, but for me, only if i take 1-2 hits. after that, i get waaaaay too high and i get really tired and pass out. so it's a good day time weed i...”

  • “My friends and I were cruising and we rolled 8 joints. 5 of them were Jack's Cleaner and the other three were from my friend's stash and she didn't know the strain. But those two together was trippy af. But, I love Jacks Cleaner. I got this bag from a friend, and it has gotten me really high the few times that I've smoked it.”

  • “What a beauty! Tight Jack Herrer looking strain. Long hairs stretch over each branch to touch each other. Ruby red pistols. Tight nugs not moving an inch when you squeeze them. CBG is great smells perfect citrus and extreme piny pungent smell. It tastes like it smells. Lovely Piny citrus tastes. King of the orange chocolate smell. I faved this strain, because it cleans my eyes I have crystal clear eye sight while a n...”

  • “one of my favorite strains just because i feel so focused and uplifted but really relaxed at the same time and helps with depression and helps me get through the day, and its a nice euphoric high last around 1 hour to 40 minutes depending on how much you take”