Jacky White Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is an awesome sativa dominant hybrid. Uplifting fun high and good for my pain. From someone who usually steers clear of sativas.”

  • “I wish it gave me more energy instead of physical calmness. I might be one of the few who does best with a 100% sativa though.”

  • “Jack White is fire!!!!!!! Gives off that euphoric feeling from the Jack Herer side of it. Talkative strain and keeps you energized. Definitely a strain that gives you the giggles. I like this strain and the taste is very pungent which I don't mint. It's a strain you can use night or day 4.5 out 5 Fuzzy Stars 😎🤘😗🌿🔥💨”

  • “Very uplifting and socializing strain. Also acts in the body causing some relaxation. Tastes is good and the smoke is smooth. The yield was above the average.”

  • “This strain is fantastic. Sativa people will love it, very happy and uplifting.. Stress and anxiety disappear.”

  • “Sweet, citrusy, tropical flavours and she tastes just like she smells. Very pleasant smoke, with a mild sting on exhale to let ya know she means business. Very euphoric, visual high with a mild burnout. Can be intense in higher quantities. One of the more enjoyable sativas for me.”

  • “After I smoke, I felt suddenly a desire to move. So, I started doing Yoga and Stretch. I really like the smooth taste, look, and smell. This is good to Transform lazy Sunday to productive Sunday!”

  • “Very easy to grow. Likes to stretch her legs very far. will out grow a large tent if not placed into veg early. taste great and a very big yielder.”