Jamaican Reviews

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  • “Are there better strains that ring my bell louder? Yes. Why do I like this so much then? Like Durban Poison it is a staple in the world of wonderfulness. Been around since the first days of documentation. I could live in a shanty down by the beach and toke this the rest of my days. Where Mob Boss is going to amp you up and flies you close to the sun, this flies just above a indaca but just below the radar in the sat...”

  • “Wish i could get this in the U.S.One of, if not the single best weed ive ever had. Not the smelliest but definitely the stickiest bud ive ever had. Smoked one joint and was high as a kite allllll night, which is probably the longest high ive ever had. 10/10 I want to go back to Jamaica just for this weed.”

  • “The Jamaican is great. I have a tendency to feel paranoid/anxious on many different strains, but I have yet to experience this with the Jamaican. It is also less potent than other strains, so it is easier to make myself the right dose.”

  • “if you have this in a big bong it gets u dizzy and chilled it will make you vomit if you through a little vodka in to the mix so my advice vodka is a no go with this weed”

  • “With one whiff of Jamaican you'll definetly understand why it was it was given the name, with one of the rankest smells ever- you could surely say that if a Jamaican person were turned into a bud that's what it'd smell like. Ok onto the review whith Jamaican you're definetly gonna feel one of the most amazing changes in Gravity almost as if you're on a roller coaster where even when you're sitting your entire body fe...”

  • “Got a baggie of 'whatever' from the Jamaican taxi driver as soon as we landed in Mo'Bay.... stank up the car along the way, I couldn't wait to dig into my bag and try what I scored. Was stemmy, seedy, and sticky as fuck. There were plenty of crystals and great smells, no other like it, I just knew I recognized it from the last visit to the island. I took two quick hits from the new metal pipe I brought with, and i...”

  • “its really not pretty (illegally imported therefore compacted) but hell is it good, spicy fruity taste, long lasting energizing high, yet relaxing, and gets you in the mood for your wife if you see what i mean. Waaay better than the frosty chemically grown stuff, pure natural outdoor, dont hit you hard”

  • “This bud came compact and looked awful but once smoked it gave a nice cerebral high that lasted about an hour and a half. The buds are all squashed together and a dark green colour. The smell is very herbal rather than cannabis smell but when burned you can smell that it's cannabis.”