Jesus OG Reviews

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Below Average
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  • hi2

    “Thank you, Jesus OG! Mind blowing strain. Took one session with the Arizer Solo, to put me on a fascinating level of consciousness. Never felt anything quite like it. You can feel it on your face. Honestly, it felt psychedelic, provoking the most interesting thoughts. It's the kind of strain that motivates you to watch or listen to something intellectually interesting. Your face feels weird, in a good way and ...”

  • “Great "social" strain. I suffer from mild social anxiety, which some strains of marijuana can exacerbate. Jesus OG has the opposite effect. Like a lot of sativas, it energizes me, makes me feel euphoric even. But unlike most sativas, this one makes me talkative and social rather than that energy and euphoria just staying in my head, between my two ears. To put another way, most sativas reinforce my introverted, ...”

  • “Makes you feel like an enlightened God amoung Mortals! Very tranquil high. Calm but alert.”

  • “This is a strain brought to us by the talented and creative folks at TGA Subcool seeds. They have a pretty impressive resume of strains they've introduced to the cannabis community like Space Queen, Jack the Ripper and Querkle just to name a few. And this one might be their best. I had read about this strain on the TGA website and found it most alluring. I was browsing the menu at Spectrum caregivers and much to my p...”

  • “Holy shit this got me so lifted. Like Jesus Christ this strain gives a great head high. Good god pick this up if you can. But dear lord do not forget about the boat times.”

  • “So good it'll make you Catholic.”

  • “Overall, I'd give it an 8 rating. I really like this strain, but wouldn't go as far as calling it Jesus or the Savior as some do. It doesn't have a certain flavor that jumps out at you, but it's smooth & tastes good. Nice mind/body balance I expect from a hybrid. Being an indica dominant hybrid, it's definitely potent. It lasts a long time off of only a couple hits, which is great & leaves open the option for in...”

  • “I tested this med for the first time today 4-13-2015. I picked it up from the good folks at Rare Stone in San Clemente CA. I used a tower whip vaporizer and a simba 4 pc grinder. My standard scoop is about 1/5 to 1/4 gram. i was able to get 4 full pulls from this flower. When ground the scent was very similar to Chernobly (Golden Ticket) cut. There was a hint of lemon pledge as well. The trim was not as nice a...”