Jock Horror Reviews

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  • “Jock Horror is a twist on the family of strains that arose around the Jack Herer name. The mother is a Haze 19 x Skunk, a hazey hybrid cross of Holland and California strains. Jock's father is an old-school Northern Lights, a mostly indica plant taken from a 20-year stable Afghan x Skunk #1 cross whose line was preserved in the marijuana mecca of America's Pacific northwest. Jock Horror is its own original strain ...”

  • “I love this strain. It's I'd say my absolute favorite strain. It makes any kind of bad day significantly better. I can handle stress and manage my depression when I smoke this. This is just me so don't take this as any kind of advise on any mental disorder managing but this, to me, works better than any of my antidepressants ever did.”

  • “never felt my penis get this hard before”

  • “This strain made me giggle and laugh for like 20 mins. I haven't smiled like that in a while and it was fun. Also put me to sleep all day”

  • “Just completed a round of Nirvana autoflowers (Bubbleicious, Blueberry Kush, Jock Horror, Northern Lights & Lemon OG Haze) & here is the info for Jock Horror AF. Grown in CANNA coco with CANNA nutrients (Start, A&B, Zym, Rhizo, PK 13/14, Boost) in 2L airpots. ViparSpectra R900 LED in 4'x2' grow box. •Strain: Nirvana Jock Horror AF • Height 33" • Wet weight = 254g • Dry weight = 43g • 62 days to finish from seed • G...”

  • “Had autoflower, FAST GROWER. Spicy, sharp tokes ending in a rush of berry notes. Very cerebral, and euphoric, best after a long day.”

  • “I give it 5 stars, even though I won't grow it again. Aside from a world class case of the munchies, which is a deal breaker for me, I loved growing and smoking this strain. I grew mine outdoors, receiving only about 5.5 hours direct light per day at the 43rd parallel. The result was a stocky plant of about 4.5 feet in height. The buds were not disappointing whatsoever, even with less then ideal light. Full and heav...”

  • “I had a main branch break off half way through flower. Off of a single bowl I was super energized. Folding laundry, vacuuming, and made a delicious dinner for my girls. had a hankering for citrus flavored candy, but didn't have the munchies at all. Stay away from a second bowl unless your ready to crash. seriously you might hurt yourself”