Johnny’s Tonic Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Cross strain between Cannatonic and Johnny Wonder. Flower tested at 2.3% THC / 7.34% CBD. I was skeptical about the strain at first but after smoking, the effects almost immediately kicked in. If you are looking for a chill yet very focused strain, this is the ONE! If you are highly sensitive to THC after many years of smoking, this bud has 0-None paranoia effects. Great for medicinal treatments. I would highly recom...”

  • “I was blessed enough to find Johnny's Tonic today at my collective in Northern California! It tested at 17% CBD and 1% THC. I have smoked for 10 years and recently have had horrible anxiety/paranoia from high THC strains. Johnny's Tonic has 0 paranoia and still has a pleasant high. I would compare it to taking an anxiety pill except even better. Very happy, will be buying this strain all the time now!”

  • “I have PCOS that causes incredibly bad cramps, nausea and dizziness. This not only lessened all my symptoms, but gave me the energy I needed to continue about my day!”

  • “I usually look for strains that have a lower THC level and high CBD for my muscle pains. Johnny's Tonic definitely delivers a head high but you're still able to cook dinner or follow along with a movie. It made my body feel a little heavy and when I came down I for sure felt a little hungover -- I slept real good afterwards. The nugs are so dense and beautiful, and this strain is great to smoke and watch something be...”

  • “Maybe the best bud I've ever tried. It went by the alternative alias, Johnny walker. Recently prized for its exceptionally high thc content (up to 28%) and cbd as well (as stated in its description). It was very quick, I should have grabbed more while I could. Very good for pain and anxiety. Very, very good.”

  • “Thank you Jonny for your blessed tonic! relieved my cronic stomach Cramps and provided a euphoric effect. nausea knocked down to a mild background thing. Overall 5 star treatment for gastrointestinal ailments!”

  • “love this! nice for day time while you need to get things done. helps so much with my cramps too!”

  • “I experienced a nice uplifting high with this strain that allowed me to get things done and feel good about my energy level. I enjoyed the intensity of it and used it to my advantage thanks. Do recommend.”