Kaboom Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “another favorite of mine. thanks to tga and the grim brothers for this. she is a ridiculously strong sativa dom strain that does what she says. ka-booms! your ass right through the wall. great for creativity. very psychedelic and visually trippy, thanks to the jacks cleaner f1. the vortex mixes in very well , in fact you would not be through the wall if vortex was not involved but climbing trees and jumping on roo...”

  • “Picked this gem up from Bloom Phoenix and WOW this medicine is fantastic. Has that terrific Jack Herer smell that's oh so wonderful along with a subtle hint of lemon. Smoke was smooth and relaxing followed by a nice energetic high.”

  • “Freeking Strong Sativa!! - felt much better physically and mentally after vaporizing a bit of this sweet, earthy tasting green goodness. Great remedy for fatigue or after a long day when energy is needed to play. Similar in strength to Sour D”

  • “super cerebral high, almost dumbfoundingly so.”

  • “One of my preferred strains for hiking and outdoors, although somewhat too potent in effects for dangerous or hazardous climbs, but if it's limited to a camp site or flat mesa, this is my preferred strain for the outdoors feeling. The effects provide much energy and motivation, although the later effects around the 2 hour mark were followed by slight paranoia.”

  • “Fucking crazy shit. Smoked more than I should have, had somewhere around 8 fat bong rips. A little is all you need to get lit, I was really high for a while. It is very potent, tread lightly. Still fun.”

  • “Good morning Kaboom. Got it from Urban Greenhouse in PhX AZ & I woke up agitated and in pain and after a raw cone joint of this strain and I'm very happy and 70% relieved of my usual morning aches. Not too stony very much a sativa. It's all very pungent so no sneak a tokes with this one. For a veteran smoker I'll give it bomb ass 5 because I hate sativas but she made me a believer.”

  • “Pretty bomb I got it in teen sauce for and it was fire!!”