Kali 47 Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Amazing for mood, the best! And, this doesn't just relieve stress it actually lifts you up! A cure for the moodiness that comes with PMS! I got this strain vape oil & capsules, both lifted my mood & helped with all over pain, but the edible version really helped my inflammation, as well.”

  • “I grew OSS kali ak seeds, was not a monster yield, but it was Stella quality!! the hit was immediate and euphoric, settling into a warm fuzzy buzz. what really struck me was the taste,a rich caramel, with slight fruity aftertaste, ive been smoking 20+ years so refreshing to come across such great tasting herb, plant was quite hardy, took her sweet time, 2nd wk of november in uk... defo for experienced smokers, newbie...”

  • “hey leafy stop showing strains that I can't even buy nor have never seen in Oregon that would be pretty rad”