Kali Mist Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The Mist I picked up had to be the most trichome packed buds so far this year. Mostly bright green but one of the smaller nugs had a very dark tint, almost purple. The high had me uplifted from the start but the further I dove into the bowl the more energetic and adventurous I got. Also the high made me very talkative throughout the rest of the night. Me and my friend even went down to a spot by the Mississippi river...”

  • “I'd give this a 4.5 Used this to help with chronic nausea & other g.i. issues,depression,and for chronic pain from degenerative disc disease. It worked great for all. It did (as other reviews have said here and elsewhere) give me a burst of much needed energy & also helped my thoughts&conscious to become clearer(a miracle effect since I have ADHD also) smoke was light & citrusy tasting with a touch of woodsy notes. ...”

  • “I am really impressed with the "Kali Mist." This was my first time trying it and it surpassed all the hype. I picked up a joint from a club in San Jose and got down to business. I smoked it and felt like a million bucks. It had that TRUE Sativa effect. The high was smooth and very uplifting. It's great for daytime sessions or after a stressful day at work. And yes, I will be adding it to the rotation list. The list i...”

  • “Wow this stuff is the premo top shelf quality. I went from normal to having a big cheesy grin all over my face. Euphoric lift off like no other strain I've tried. Clear, energetic. No red eyes or couchlock. I'd highly recommend for anxiety and depression in particular. If I could only have one strain for the rest of my life this is it. A must try for any smoker. I'd rate this my first and only 10/10.”

  • “This shits amazing. Seriously. It puts me in a good mood and I suffer from depression. It energizes me too. I had a bowl to myself and cleaned my entire house. Twice. I recommend this to everyone who needs to relax.”

  • “This is a great strain. I have chronic depression and anxiety and I tried this out. Right now, I am very uplifted and have a boost of energy to do the things I want to do without worry and it makes me relaxed at the same time. The experience has been VERY psychedelic to me, just yesterday, I was able to perceive my friend in a different perspective, (I saw him as a completely different person, visually). Kaleidoscope...”

  • “Smoked this on the off chance in Amsterdam had never heard of it before and just by its name and appearance it drew me in. Glad it did, i smoked a whole joint with a Mint Tea overlooking the water by central station. I first felt it in my face, but instead of the pressure behind the eyes i got a warm glowing sensation under my eyes on top of my cheeks. Next as it spread over my body i became extremely euphoric ...”

  • “I am amazed at all the little tiny buds in the pictures, for me it grew 2m high and had coalas the size of a weightlifters arms. Possibly the most medicinal strain i have ever had the joy to use. Very functional and focused enabling me to function with the public in the huge busy city centre without loosing my cool and bailing on the mission. If you keep topping up too soon without letting the cannabinoids in your sy...”