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Kaua’i Electric Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Mahalo for giving Kaua'i Electric and so many other Hawaiian strains such beautifully crafted eloquent reviews @ Leafly Our ‘Ohana from da 808/503 Kānaka connect has received lab results from a crop of Kaua’i Electric organically grown in a greenhouse: Total THC: 17.4% THC.a: 16.1% Total CBD: 3.2% CBDa: 2.9% Kaua'i Electric is one of the most legendary Hawaiian landrace strains on Earth and for good reason. H...”

  • “This is the true story about the Kauai electric strain I'm a local haole that grew up on Kauai from the mid 50s my friends and I grew different varieties around the east side of Kauai and we decided to go up the power line trail because was always raining up there but had one Chain gate. So we cut the chain and put our own lock on the Chain gate but also there was a big brass padlock that had the Kauai electric logo ...”

  • “My experience with Kauai Electric goes back to the early 1980's on the northside of Kauai. Wainihau valley, down towards the end of the road and the beginning of the 14 mile trail to Kalalau valley and the napali coastline. Some locals gathered on the beach passed me joint and wanted to know if it compared to the California cannabis I had brought with me from San Diego (Humboldt County Afghan) Kauai Electric took me ...”

  • “This strain gives a nice mellow and functional high. I enjoy a few hits after dinner to wind down, although this would be a perfect daytime smoke. This strain has a pretty mild aroma and flavor-- sometimes Sativas give me a headache, but I'm loving the less "sharp" effects of Kauai Electric. Also, I think it's fun to try out land races.”

  • “euphoric and creative high. mellow sativa”

  • “Kaua'i Electric is a hearty Hawaiian Sativa that soothes the soul while inducing a peaceful floating blissful feeling reminiscent of frolicking freely on a isolated tropical Hawaiian beach without a care in the world. If you are looking for a old school, feel good Hawaiian Sativa, Kaua'i Electric is just the strain for you.”

  • “My favorite it gives you the best felling”