Kerala Krush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is a sweet and spicy Sativa. When I smoked this, I struggled to identify what sweet flavour I was tasting, but it reminded me of a combination between mango and peach. It also had a sooth spicy flavour. This strain is great for nuseau or menstral cramps. It also gives off an energetic and clear buzz that makes functioning not an issue at all. Good for daytime use on those mornings you are struggling to...”

  • “A great bud for first thing in the morning, although the high level of sativa won't do much for pain it does get you out of bed. Mix it up a with a little moroccan hash and its a perfect mix.”

  • “Glad I let a friend of mine talk me into this strain before a short hike through the woods. Kerala was amazing as it made everything clearer and more beautiful than Mother Nature intended! Highly recommend!”

  • “Very good”

  • “Stupid good”

  • “This strain was killer so much so I don't think its a coincidence that after a j the label appeared to say kkk no matter how hard i focused. Would totally recommend minus the racist name”