Lime Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great taste and hard hitting high!”

  • “I felt a really strong, lingering body high with this one. Very tingly and euphoric. The head high crept in a little later and was just a nice creative and happy high without being overwhelming. Love the citrus scent and flavor when smoked.”

  • “Had this from The Bluebird coffeeshop in Amsterdam with my boyfriend a few days ago. I can confidently say that it was the nicest bud I've ever had. I prefer sativa strains, and this one was recommended by the girl behind the counter. As I said I had it with my boyfriend. We didn't feel like couch potatoes, we explored the city with smiles on our faces and we enjoyed the euphoria. It tasted lovely, and kept us uplift...”

  • “Lime haze is a sativa strain that tastes like a Mexican restaurant. Sorta like corona with lime or chips and salsa with lime.”

  • “Pungent smell, smoke smells a little different though. Bud had orange hairs and crystallized.”

  • “Lime Haze is excellent for expand your creativity and relaxing. Also improves my concentration and focus.”

  • “This strain was great for the first week, then it seemed to lose all of its potency and allure. In the beginning, it was very fragrant and gave a fairly intense head high that lasted for a few hours. After the first week, though, it didn't seem to have the same punch that it once had. We found ourselves needing more medicine for the same desired effect. The fragrance was nice, a very clean citrus scent with a hint...”

  • “This strain really helped me with nausea. It was an all around great herb.”