King's Bread Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Funky looking dark green nugs with oversized finger-like calyxes and thick orange hairs. Smell is skunky and pungent, but less so that other examples of Lamb’s Bread, with undertones of citrus and haze. Smoke is smooth and pungent like the smell, with a defined sharpness similar to Jack Herer or Haze. Effects are felt quickly, with a heady, cerebral and soaring type head high. I felt extremely euphoric and giggly, ha...”

  • “King's Bread is hybrid sativa dominate strain, which has a delectable taste. Great sativa that will not induce anxiety, always a plus. It even allows one to remain alert while feeling relaxed and euphoric. This strain is also one of the grandparents of Bob Marley's Lamb's Bread.”

  • “Got this from a dispensary in downtown Oakland. I like Sativas but am always a bit skeptical, as they vary a lot with me. Also I had tried Lambsbread before and was not impressed (Kings Bread is apparently a close relative). So getting this strain was a bit of a gamble. But it was surprisingly good - I had a nice trippy time. Read on for the details: The buds are tight and nice-looking with frosting, but not sp...”

  • “Such a strong fresh lemon/citrus scent it is amazing, absolutely covered in trichomes so sticky, really nice for first thing in the a.m smoke, I definitely suggest this strain if you come across it.....and like sativas of course!!!!”

  • “Kings Bread: lineage is Lambs Bread that has been grown, left to flower and die, then regenerated back into vegative state and grown for a second season. Result is a much stronger plant but still an accourance of gardening technique.”

  • “King's Bread extract by GoldenXtrX is a great product. Smooth and mellow, the hits go down very easy. It has a strong flavor, earthy and a bit pungent it has a hint of lemon. This is one of my all time favorites. If you see it, buy it.”

  • “Great flavor, and great effects. Always makes me feel happy and comfortable.”

  • “A very energetic, thoughtful high. I smoke this regularly and get no fuzziness at all. Tight, conical buds with strong citrus and pine odors. Not the bud to couch-lock you. Makes me want to go for a walk!”