Laughing Buddha Reviews

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  • “INCREDIBLE STRAIN! This is one of those strains i tend to keep quiet about when im discussing weed with my friends lol Its like my dirty little secret. I first tried this in Amsterdam. After 2 days of non stop smoking i was getting to the point where i was all weeded out and a lot of strains where just tasting the same and making me feel the same. But not this. I vividly remember sparking up a nice joint ...”

  • “Good middle of road Sativa. As the name hints (your mood will improve)! This strain is a laugh inducing machine compared to most..well maybe it helps that I had Rick and Morty on. If you smoke mainly Indica this Sativa will give you an adventure time urge. Even if that's just to the backyard or porch! Mid range high 1 (1/2) - 2 Hrs, mellow finish. Flavors: Spiced black rum,Sweet under tone, Earthy finish. Tender...”

  • “This is one of the best strains I ever smoked. Earthy and nutty taste with a flowery aftertaste. It has dense buds with rose like flowers. Sticky with crystals and amazing aroma, when you grind it! Extremely social, gets you excited and talkative. Gives a really nice head high and makes you slightly numb. Strong and long lasting, not for people that are not used to smoke.”

  • “The choices up top are missing one category of bud excellence, that is ...... quality of the BUZZ. Compared to all of the weed you have smoked in your life< 1 year or many more > HOW GOOD DID YOU FEEL? This weed gets an extra in the overall score because of>HOW GREAT!!! you feel. Simply a very very nice Sativa, with a capital "S." Uplifting to some point of giggling, totally a blast to experience. I recommend f...”

  • “I was pleasantly surprised at the efficacy of this strain for neuralgia. Pain reduced from intense zaps to light tingles immediately. I was still very focused and able to function well all day.”

  • “This stuff is wonderful. It is my favorite so far. Depression, stress, anxiety... Buh bye! Very high CBD for such a strong sativa. Taste: I don't remember what it tasted like but I remember liking the flavor. Perfect for doing yoga, or going on an adventure!! (As long as someone else is driving). Its funny how after dark it eased my anxiety and made me paranoid at the same time. Example: I was walking down a d...”

  • “(Not for beginners) This bud gives me a nice uplifted euphoric high. It makes me a bit talkative but also more confident in my abilities to get things done. I have Fibromyalgia with Chronic Fatigue and Spinal Stenosis. My L4-S1 are also bulged discs'. I would refer and use this bud again. Overall great aliment in relieving my pain/anxiety/stress/and fatigue while also lightning the mood making my day a bit brighter.”

  • “Tried this strain recreationally whilst on holiday in Amsterdam - made me feel like nothing could annoy me, I just laughed it off! Very giggly, and made me take myself less seriously. Very much a head high for me, which lasted all night and most of the next day (not an experienced smoker!). Also experienced change in visual perception, made me feel like I was taller, and that everything was stretched upward, so it wa...”